RETINALYZE is used worldwide by optometrists and ophthalmologists Clinics with surprising results.

RetinaLyze allows the professional to provide a solution to your customer instantly, with a percentage of certitude both negative and positive: 96%, without waiting, obtaining this way that the customer is satisfied.
Quality service

  • Complies with the European Community Class IIa regulations, according to the Medical Devices Directive 93/42 / EEC, the CE was granted to the RetinaLyze System 2002)
  • Percentage of accuracy in both negative and positive results: 96%.
  • As reliable as any analysis done with conventional methods.

Work Optimization

  • Increased patient flow to ophthalmologists.
  • Easy handling without an ophthalmologist.
  • Speed of results (30 seconds)
  • Optimization of consultation time.

Benefits to Patients

  • Low cost.
  • Promotes preventive visual control.
  • Can detect retinopathy and maculopathy at an early stage for its treatment.
  • Obtaining results without waiting or inconvenience.
  • Being a non-mydriatic study, the patient can do the study without company, since it does not produce alteration in the vision.


The Ophthalmologist Dr. Jens Thygesen has already performed more than 50,000 RetinaLyze tests with very good results.

“The best thing about RETINALYZE is that it is as reliable as any analysis done with conventional methods and by professionals. My nurse performs all the analyzes today and I only see personally those patients who require my intervention”.

Dr. Thygesen further explains that, since the installation of RetinaLyze, he has been able to optimize the consultation time, enabling to give more attention to those patients who needed it most.


Dr. Joel Moya Saldias, current Director of INO

We are working with the RetinaLyze system in Denmark due to the high incidence and prevalence of ophthalmological pathologies related to diabetes and glaucoma in Bolivia.
I consider the RetinaLyze system, an important instrument that benefits the health of the Bolivian population.

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Dr. Marcelo Terán Molina - Ophthalmologist Surgeon - MP T-676 MCM-4029

The Danish scientific software RETINALYZE analyzes two pathologies related to vision: diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration due to age.

With these easy studies, it is intended that the population becomes aware of the importance of prevention, as it is key to being able to prevent more serious consequences.

Also, general physicians have a tool with a high degree of efficiency and speed that facilitates the diagnosis, keeping even the results for later comparisons in the cloud.

Realizing that the best remedy is prevention, I highly recommend RETINALYZE.

By Frastema Ophtalmics
Fabrizio Scotti (Ophthalmology Unit IRCCS Italian Auxologico Institute), Josè Vallejo (Ophthalmology Unit Istituto Clinico Humanitas), Ganesh Ram (CCO / Co-founder at RetinaLyze System), Thomas Degn Nielsen (CBDO at RetinaLyze System)